Should you invest in quartz countertops? Find here

Quartz is a natural mineral, but quartz countertops are manufactured by man. If you are looking for consistency and durability, this could be a great choice for your home, especially for kitchens. There are endless designs and styles to choose from, and in Quebec, you can check Casa Granite Quartz countertops for some amazing options. Are quartz countertops worth the price? We take a look!

Consistent appearance

Granite and marble are natural stones, and therefore, no two counters look the same. That’s not the case with quartz countertops, which are made with real quartz crystals but are designed to have a uniform appearance. If you select something in the showroom, you can be assured that the actual product will look the same. You don’t get the veining appearance as with marble, but there is scope to maintain a theme.

Great for extensive use

There is also no denying that quartz countertops are incredibly durable, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about replacement for at least a couple of decades. The material is also resistant to both chips and cracks, besides being waterproof, which makes it an ideal pick for the kitchen. With most of the top sellers in your city, you can expect to get an excellent warranty on your purchase.

Low on maintenance

Marble and granite require regular sealing and maintenance, for which you need to call professionals. This is not the case with quartz countertops. The material is not porous and doesn’t require unique materials for cleaning. As long as the cleansing agent is nonabrasive, you don’t have much to worry about.

Do consider the budget

There is also no denying that quartz countertops are expensive and may cost a tad more than natural stones. We recommend that you consider the budget, although you are likely to spend a lot less on transportation. Get an estimate before you make the decision.

Other things to know

Please note that quartz countertops are heat resistant, but the resin that binds quartz may discolor if you place scalding pans or pots. Also, you may not be able to use the material for counters meant for outdoors, such as an open or outdoor kitchen. You cannot install quartz countertops independently, so professional assistance is necessary as the material is heavy.

With all things above, it is still wise to consider quartz countertops, especially if your first preference is marble. Check online for designs and interior theme ideas.