What are the top-rated attributes of cowhide rugs?

Looking forward to installing cowhide rugss? Here are some attributes you really need to consider;

Naturally beautiful

If you're looking for a softer, more natural addition to your home decor, you need a cowhide rug. Unmodified felt has long been popular in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, sizes, and patterns. After all, no two cows are exactly the same. Some are black-and-white, cream, or tan, while others can be multicolored or speckled with two or more colors. The appearance of any rug will depend on the race from which it comes. However, cowhide rugs are also available in painted and metallic finishes, giving you more choices.


Are you a frequent subject of indoor allergies? Then that is another reason to choose a cowhide rug. Since they are easy to clean and no cow allergy is unheard of, you can enjoy your beautiful carpet while still being able to breathe easy.

A multifaceted talent

Unlike regular woven or woven rugs, you don't have to feel restricted to using a new cowhide rug only on the floor. They also create attractive murals individually or in frames. From a wide range of rugs, you're sure to find a rug that suits your tastes and preferences. For example, if your living room is made of leather and wooden furniture, natural cowhide leather will enhance the overall look with an earthy touch. For a bolder, more assertive accent, a tinted rug can be a good option. It retains the natural look, and feels of the pattern of genuine leather, while also benefiting from custom dyeing for a more precise match to your unique decor.


Cowhide rugs are mainly made of leather, so you can rest assured that they will last a long time. With proper care and maintenance, these rugs will last a lifetime, even in the busiest places in your home.

Easy maintenance

Another advantage of cowhide rugs is that they are very easy to maintain. To clean one, just shake it or run a vacuum cleaner over it. For a more thorough cleaning, consider using a brush to keep the coat soft and free of dust and debris. If you spill something on the carpet, like red wine, juice, or coffee, don't worry. These blankets are highly-resistant to liquid stains, thanks to the natural oils on the fur and skin. Simply use a paper towel or absorbent cloth to absorb the dirt.