6 Questions Every Small Business Owner Must Ask a Certified Public Accountant

Managing your business finances is critical for all business owners; thus, business owners decide to hire a certified public accountant who handles all the work. Since wealth creation and tax preparation are two significant aspects of business growth, having the right CPA in Centennial, Colorado, is important. Before hiring, you must ask some important questions from your CPA. This article highlights some major questions to ask from a CPA. Let’s dive in!

6 Imp Questions Small Business Owner Must Ask a CPA

1. Do you think I am paying higher or lower taxes? 

Asking your CPA about your taxation is an excellent idea as they will closely analyze all records and explain where you might be wrong. If your CPA says everything is on track without showing much interest, look for someone else. 

2. Can you talk about your education, specialization, and experience?

Asking your CPA about their education, specialization, and experience will help you understand their knowledge about finances and taxation. Also, hiring a CPA with experience in your industry is important. 

3. Are you available only throughout the year or during the tax season? 

Your CPA must be available throughout the year so you can discuss different problems and formulate strategies and taxation policies for excellent results. They are not the best pick if they are available only during the taxation season. 

4. How do you charge your fee? 

Asking your CPA how they charge fees during the consultation is a great decision as it establishes transparency. Generally, lawyers charge fees on a project or monthly basis only. 

5. What are the different services that you will offer me? 

Generally, certified public accountants offer a wide range of services. The most popular ones include tax planning and advice, payroll administrator, bookkeeper, tax filer, long-term planners, management and consulting, audit and assurance services, and more. Ask your CPA what services they can offer to you. 

6. How can you help me grow my business and make more money? 

The end goal of every business is to earn profits. Ask your CPA how they can help you grow your business and earn more money. By having a plan, it becomes easier to generate greater profits. 

Wrapping Up!

Hiring a certified public accountant for your firm is a great decision. Therefore, you must be wise while choosing. Ask these six questions before hiring to make the right choice.