Amazon Storefront – All You Want to Know!

Amazon is not new to anybody these days as people use amazon either as customers or as sellers from time to time. This online platform is being liked by all due to its service and user-friendly interface. There are many paid and free features offered by this online giant to make the user experience better every time. One such feature that is offered by amazon to its sellers is amazon storefront. If you have not yet used this feature then here is all you need to know about this special feature introduced by amazon. 

What is Amazon Storefront?

Storefront is the free feature offered by Amazon to the registered brands. There is registration process to be followed in order to enjoy this free feature. You can hire amazon consultant to undertake the registration process in order to get this feature on your account. When you have your own storefront on amazon then it will work just as your website. It has all the features that you use in amazon a+ content design and hence it may grab instant attention of the visitors. Big brands would love this feature a lot as they can put up all their products on the storefront along with other brand related details. This will make the customer believe in the brand more. An experienced amazon agency would not just help you in brand registration and availing this feature, but it would also help you create a storefront that would be as good as brand website. 

Creating the Storefront

As stated earlier, if you have hired the services of the consultant then creating the storefront would be done by your agency. However, if you are planning to do it yourself then also it is not very difficult and can be done in few easy steps. Creation of storefront doesn’t involve any coding and can be created with the help of “store builder” feature provided on seller central. It is quite easy and can be done without any technical knowledge as it is just a visual process. The designing is started with the template selection as there are many standard templates that suit different businesses. Pages, header, sections, and tiles are designed later. You need to follow simple steps to create the entire storefront. If you have hired amazon ppc management services or any other keyword research service then you will have to put up the content and description containing these keywords. It will increase the ranking of the store on amazon. High-quality images, videos, user-oriented content, and other such features would make your storefront more successful. 

Benefits of Storefront

This will help you in upselling the products. If you have bundle offers or larger packs for the same set of products then your customer would be able to select those to save more. Even cross-selling is possible as you can spread awareness about the accessories and other complementing products through storefront. 

Get this feature for you brand in just few easy steps and the first one is to hire an experienced amazon agency