Do You Really Need To Break Into Your New Shoes Seamlessly

Buying a new pair of shoes means getting all excited to wear them out and show them off right away. But, a new pair of shoes doesn’t always mean good news for your feet – they cause discomfort, blisters, pain, etc., even if they are a proper fit. It is because some shoes require gentle breaking in to let the material get softened so they can adjust appropriately to the shape of your feet.

But breaking into new shoes isn’t a one-day procedure. It takes a little time and patience. If you wish to hurry, you will only end up with painful steps.

So, here is our advice on how to break into the shoes seamlessly.

  1. Wear down the shoes slowly.

Before you wish to spend an entire day in your brand new shoes, it is time to wear them for short periods to initiate the process of breaking them in.

Start by wearing them around the house and take them off as soon as your feet start aching or the shoes start rubbing.

  1. Tie the shoes uptight

It can be tempting to loosen the laces and provide the feet with a bit of extra room to breathe and move during the breaking-in process. But, it is crucial to tying the shoes as tightly as you would when wearing the shoes usually.

This way, you can stretch the fabric and speed the process of breaking into the shoes.

  1. Protect yourself against blisters

Parts of the shoes, like the back of the heel, sides of the toes, etc., are stiffer and will likely take even longer to break-in. And these areas end up rubbing against the skin, causing blisters and discomfort. But with little preparation, you can avoid the same.

Use moisturizers or petroleum jelly to reduce this friction caused between your skin and shoes. In addition, the more hydrated your skin is, the less likely it will rub.

  1. Opt for thick socks

We know that thick socks don’t complement the style you wish to go for, but they can prove helpful in two ways. First, they will work as thick padding between the shoes and your skin, preventing the rubbing and blisters formation on your skin.

Secondly, the bulkiness of the socks will slowly help the material of the shoes to stretch.

5- Switch the footwear

Even if you think you have broken into your shoes long enough to wear them for a whole day, it is best to keep them switching with pairs you have in your closet.

This way, you will provide your feet a little breather now and then.

Over to you
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