Importance of Dunning Emails and How to Can You Improve Your Them

Missing invoices, late payments and underpayment of invoices is a huge problem for businesses. This is the reason why initiate dunning procedure is very important as it lets the customer know that their payment is due and that it's past the due date through reminder by email. A good dunning email from your business will help you recover a lot more money from your outstanding accounts. This blog is meant to give you tips and tricks on how to effectively write a dunning email and initiate dunning procedure online.

What is dunning?

Dunning is a term used to denote the process by which business owners send online reminders in order to collect payment due for goods or services rendered. It employs an automated system that contacts clients in order to collect payments owing for subscription-based businesses. In simple words, Dunning is defined as the systematic communication between the customers and the seller to ensure the settlement of the due payments. We can initiate dunning procedure online.

What are dunning emails?

Dunning emails would be the first step in the dunning process. The dunning emails also known as reminder by email are always the first layer of protection for every subscription-based corporation, and the automated sequencing is the principal technique of recovering your payments. They write reminders free of charge.

Dunning emails are the payment reminder by email sent by SaaS also known as Subscription-Based Services to warn the clients about the billing issues including failed subscription repayments, expired credit cards issues, as well as delayed payments.

These Mahnung per Email or reminder by email usually provide the clients with the information related to the status of their accounts online, as well as it also gives the clients the ability to change their billing information and make their payments in order to continue using the product or service.

Dunning emails and invoices are considered to be an effective tool for lowering customer turnover and maintaining clients subscription. If even after reminder by email a client fails to pay after a specific period of time then stop reminder procedure. Their subscription will normally be cancelled. The reminders are written free of charge.

Tips to improve dunning emails


  1. Send emails as if they were written by a real person

Regardless of your dunning emails are totally automated, having them sent online from an original individual makes them feel more genuine and dependable and make them stand out for the customer to notice. These reminders are written free of charge.

  1. Replies should be enabled

Make sure your reminder by mail are sent from an email address through which your clients can contact you if they have any problems or have any inquiries related to the emails. Usually customers feel more irritated when organisations use 'Do not reply' reminder by email addresses because it makes it difficult for them to get in touch with you.

  1. Remind them of all the perks they are about to lose

Rather than just conveying the sense of urgency in your dunning email by alerting them that their payment is pending and requesting them to update their payment details, You must remind your clients through reminder by email or invoices of what they'll be lost if they don't take the necessary steps and complete their payment.

  1. Call to action and further steps must to included

One of the really important aspects of dunning emails is a distinct call-to-action. Clients will be able to edit their subscription data without needing to open an additional browser, log in, or navigate around if you include a direct link online. Be certain how long they have until their membership is cancelled unless they make a payment.


  1. Attach offers of other alternative services

You can offer debtor an option to cancel their subscription depending on your pricing structure, such as a downgrade to a free plan till the time they complete their payment details or a discount code to keep using your services. If the transaction was declined owing to inadequate funds, this option can be useful.

In conclusion

So there you have it, a breakdown of what makes up a good, effective Dunning email. The main purpose of a Dunning email via invoices is for collecting outstanding debts. As a result, you can create a good relationship with your customers. However, it can be quite difficult to write an effective Dunning email. The reason for this is that you need to make sure that your email is short and sweet and that it’s written in a certain tone. We hope that this blog will have helped you understand the Dunning Email and the best way to write a bill reminder.