Get to Know Borobudur Sunrise Tour From Manohara


Among the very best Yogyakarta excursions are joining the Manohara Borobudur Tour. Standing between the stupas of Buddha watching the sunrise from the top of Borobudur temple together with the view of the mist rolling over the valleys is something that will always be unforgettable for me. I'd love to share with you exactly what things to expect when seeing Borobudur temple through the Manohara Hotel for sunrise. It's a unique experience.

Getting There

If you would like to see the sunrise at Borobudur, then you need to awaken early, like 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon. The temple is a one-hour travel away from Yogyakarta, the neighboring province of Central Java. There are two chief routes to the temple. The very first straight follows the main road out of town before cutting briefly across the countryside. The second is cross-country travel through the winding roads and rice areas of Java.

If you're going to Borobudur for sunrise as part of an organized tour afterward, you will take the major road to the temple and then take the same route on the return journey. If you arrange a private automobile rental, I suggest taking the major street to Borobudur on the road and returning as the views are actually well worth it.

Why Choose The Manohara Tour

There are just two areas where you can enjoy the sunrise and see Borobudur. First, and most likely the very best option, is from the Manohara Hotel. The second popular option is watching the sunrise from the viewpoint on the Punthuk Setumbu Hills. I need to speak about Manohara, that's the more expensive choice but worth trying!

If you would like to watch the sunrise at the top of Borobudur Temple afterward, you've got to go through the Manohara Hotel. The entry cost for thieves for a ticket is Rp 500,000. You have to enter Borobudur temple a couple of hours before some of the crowds arrive for a further fee.

You generally arrive in Borobudur at 4:30 am. As soon as you're at the temple grounds, it's possible to visit the top of Borobudur temple to see the sunrise. It usually gets pretty crowded at the top and there may be up to 60 or many people all waiting patiently for the first opinion of the sun rising on the horizon.

In the tropics, the sun climbs very quickly and quite early. Sunrise in Java happens at around 5:30 am. Between 5:30 am to 6:00 am will be your very ideal opportunity to shoot photos of the sunrise. Then the sun is far more than the horizon and you also drop all those vivid colors.

When it's been a chilly night and there is heavy mist, which can be a problem if you're on Setumbu Hills as you won't have to see Borobudur. If you enter from Manohara, but subsequently, the mist is perfect. You can find some stunning photographs on a misty day by the cover of the temple as the sun rises on the horizon. The mist evaporates quite quickly, though and it's normally all gone from 6 am.

Arranging Your Borobudur Sunrise Tour

The simplest way to enjoy sunrise at Borobudur is to rent a car with a driver. This is the perfect choice for couples and families since it gives you the freedom to set your destination. If you choose to lease a car with a driver, I recommend seeing Ullen Sentalu Museum and doing exactly the Merapi Lava Tour (with a jeep). Ullen Sentalu tradition is a Javanese art and culture museum located in the Kaliurang region near Merapi volcano.

An alternative to a personal vehicle rental is linking a class tour. While joining a group tour is cheaper for small teams than personal vehicle rent, you can spend a good deal of time waiting for individuals. If you aren't the sort of person who spends hours exploring temples, then these long waits may be quite frustrating.

Price of the Tour

The admission fee for Sunrise Borobudur via Manohara Hotel is Rp 500,000 per person. The price for a ticket to Prambanan temple is USD 25 per person (payment in Rupiah/IDR), and a one day car rental is Rp 600,000 (plus Rp15,000 if you want the parking fees to be included). Btw, you can get a combined Prambanan and Borobudur ticket. This option is cheaper than buying both tickets individually, but it is not valid for Sunrise Borobudur via Manohara. You can get the combined ticket if you do the sunrise from Setumbu Hill.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Borobudur by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.