Ideas For Picking Your First Cosplay Character

You now know when your next regional gathering will occur. If you are thinking about going, it doesn't matter whether you've been there before or not, since you probably already understand what cosplay is. Friends have probably already convinced you that cosplay is awesome. Maybe you're aware that the very first incidence of cosplay occurred far before the very first Comic Con. But now is the time to finally show the world what you've got in the cosplay department!

Oh, You Want to Wear a Mask Today?

Cosplay, or costume playing, is a lot like Halloween costumes. While attending a costume party, you choose a costume and, depending on the occasion, may also be given the opportunity to apply makeup. If so, enjoy yourself! Yet, there are several types of Halloween costumes that don't work so well for wearing to conventions, in my experience.

Dressing up as an object, such as an Oreo cookie, is another option for Halloween costumes that won't fly at conferences. This is because an inanimate item cannot have a personality.

Finally, if you've made up your mind to portray a certain character, you shouldn't simply go out and purchase a costume. The best parts of cosplaying are imagining and creating a new costume and the fun of pretending to be someone else. A store-bought costume won't make you stand out if you go, but it will leave you missing out on some of the best parts of the Starfire cosplay experience.

Figure Out What It Is That You're Into.

When deciding on your first cosplay, you should figure out what you're passionate about and how it relates to FanCons. What do people dress to fan conventions? Characters' outlandish wardrobes are usually a giveaway that a story is of this genre. The folks you're looking for are the ones that are dressed in a way that you wouldn't often see on the street, whether it be in wizard robes, a Jedi Tunic, or a circular shield with the colours red, white, and blue on it. Don't wear a suit or jeans.

Identify a Few Stand-Ins

You know what you like to do in your spare time, therefore it's time to narrow down some possible protagonists to do those things with. Is there a fictional character you've connected with? I'm curious as to which of these pastimes you like the most and which of these topics include your favourite fictional characters. While putting together and trying out your outfit, it's best to be inspired by a character you really enjoy, rather than one with the most striking look. While selecting your first cosplay, how you look is important, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor.

Consider the Adversity

Having narrowed it down to a select few characters from a variety of series, you can now examine the level of detail present in their outfits. You shouldn't wear jeans or a suit either, but your first time out isn't the time to go all out and get a pair of full-sized wings or a pair of stilts. If it can be reduced to a small number of items that don't need much effort or storage space, you'll have less of a problem with it.