Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Meat

When buying meat, most of us don't usually pay attention to some significant details that are helpful in choosing the right kind of meat. Like other products, meat is of various kinds and one needs to choose the one that suits them the most. When you eat the right kind of meat, not only does it affect you in the right way, health-wise, but it prevents other issues as well. 

Thus, when you go shopping for meat next time, make sure you keep the following things in mind. 

  • The color

Color must play a vital role while buying meat. A lesser-known fact about meat is that the actual color of fresh meat is a bit purple. The red color is actually the result of the meat pigments getting mixed with the oxygen in the air. So, coming back to the topic, the ideal color for fresh red meat is dark. The dark color suggests that it has more oxygen in it and is safe to consume. Pig meat, on the other hand, must be light pink in color, and game meat, dark brownish. So, remember these colors next time you go shopping for meat.

  • The marbling

Consider buying meat with clear patches or streaks of fat, called marbling. Distribution of fat throughout the meat means it is juicy and hence tasty. Finer the marbling, tastier the meat. 

  • The smell

The smell is the third most important thing to note while buying meat. While some of us may not like smelling meat, this is actually an effective way of knowing the meat quality. Always avoid buying meat that gives out a pungent smell. It only means that the meat is rotten. 

  • The texture

The texture of the meat is yet another vital factor to keep in mind. Fine quality meat is dark, dense and dry. It means it is juicy, tasty and healthy. If the meat looks like it’ll fall apart by any chance, it could mean that the quality is poor. Darker and denser meat means that the tissue is strong and the muscle fibers are tight. So, while buying meat, always look for the right texture. 

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If you are a regular consumer, you must keep the aforementioned aspects in mind while choosing and buying meat.