What’s Commercial Architecture?

Commercial architecture refers to the design of structures and buildings. These are used by businesses. The commercial architecture genre focuses on combining style with function. It meets the requirements of various businesses.

You can see the impact or the effect of commercial architecture in most of the city centers, especially in Quebec. There are many commercial buildings here.

Hiring an architect is a must for your commercial architecture project. They will combine excellent design elements in your dream building. It will meet both future and present needs.

Here’s a quick post that talks about what commercial architecture is. Although we have given you a gist of what it means, there is more to know. Let’s get started!

Unraveling the Commercial Architecture Field

The commercial architecture field has been around since the onset of architecture. You can still find various structures in today’s time.

Greek and Roman architecture gives you a sneak peek of elaborate structures. These included meeting rooms and courtyards.

Most of the architects are working on commercial architecture and this includes four stages:

  1. Obtaining the requirements of the clients
  2. Determining the site location
  3. Creating a legit design proposal
  4. Submitting the plan and related costs

There is more you must know about commercial architects. Keep reading to find out.

Duties of a Licensed Commercial Architect

Licensed commercial architects specialize in particular types of designs and buildings. These architects might be a part of a firm that works on different kinds of projects. The kind of projects they take up is different from residential projects. Commercial architects usually focus on structures such as shopping centers, hospitals, business complexes, museums, and schools.

Designing a building structure (a commercial one) requires the architect to consider many aspects. They have to create blueprints of the constructions. This will include heating, electrical, cooling, plumbing, and also the ventilation system.

The architect is also responsible for abiding by the building codes. They have to work as per the rules and regulations. A commercial architect has total control over the designing element and they will give as many inputs to get you closer to your dream structure.

Their job ends when an interior designer steps in.

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