"1 Too Many" - How A Single Squirrel Can Lead to A Pest-Control Concern

While a single squirrel may seem innocuous, its presence can swiftly escalate into a full-blown pest-control concern. Squirrels are prolific breeders, along with being extremely elusive in nature. These furry creatures have the capacity to pose a potential threat, if left uncontrolled. Here’s a deeper dive into the squirrel as an unwanted pest, understanding the impact of a solitary squirrel and why you should protect against them.

Two Litters Per Year - 5 to 6 Babies Per Litter 

With two litters per year and an average of 5 to 6 babies per litter, a single squirrel can quickly become an army of invaders. The exponential growth of their population intensifies the risk of property damage and the potential spread of diseases. This capacity is an underestimated challenge in controlling squirrels. A homeowner must react quickly if they see a single squirrel, lest they be overwhelmed by a burgeoning squirrel community, all stemming from a seemingly solitary intruder.

Fast Speed that Evades Capture 

Squirrels are renowned for their agility and speed, making them challenging to capture once they infiltrate a property. If you attempt DIY removal, you may find yourself outsmarted by these nimble creatures. The frustration lies not only in the difficulty of capturing them but also in the time-sensitive nature of the task.

Inadequacy of Capturing Parent Squirrel When a Litter is Already Born 

If a mother squirrel evades capture for too long, she may give birth to a new litter. Meanwhile, having captured the parent may feel like a win, but the babies left behind now pose a new set of challenges. Unable to fend for themselves, they may succumb to the elements or become a new generation of invaders. Dealing with squirrels thus requires a comprehensive, 360-degree approach. Partial capture methods, such as those available commercially are simply inadequate to address the larger problem at hand.

Importance of Humane Capture and Removal 

How does a responsible homeowner now address the issue of “1 Too Many” squirrels? Capital Wildlife Control Squirrel removal provides an effective answer! This method calls upon experts sensitive to animals and adept enough to outsmart and capture them. Post capture, the squirrels are released in an environment best suited to them. Additionally, your home is also thoroughly investigated and sweeped.

The next time you spot a squirrel, consider humane approaches to pest control. This is not only safe for you as a resident, but also respects the natural balance of the environment!