How do we define an alcoholic?

Alcoholism is the overdependence on alcohol or the inappropriate consumption of alcohol in a way that defines it as a mental disorder. A chronic alcoholic cannot stop gulping down alcohol as it has become a way of life or an established pattern for that person.

This malady or disorder can affect anyone, and it has to be treated only with prescription drugs. A few factors that contribute to alcohol addiction in human beings include social and psychological factors, genetics, and the surrounding environment.

Over here in this article, let us look at some criteria that define an alcoholic or can be used to gauge the level of an individual’s dependence on alcohol.

  • Spending a large chunk of one’s time either drinking or recovering from alcohol This is a familiar characteristic of an alcoholic that makes him detached from reality.
  • Showing signs of withdrawal is another feature of an alcoholic. This trend is observed especially when someone stops drinking all of a sudden.
  • Ignoring responsibilities and obligations both in work life and family life is a significant trait of an alcoholic.
  • Getting ready to sacrifice anything valuable in replacement for alcohol. This could be a profession or a great job opportunity.
  • Savoring alcohol in situations where it is recommended to stay alert, especially in instances where a person operates gigantic machinery or drives a large vehicle, etc.
  • Encouraging the overconsumption of alcohol even when one is aware of how it can potentially impact the person in the long run. This is a dangerous trend as it drastically affects one's life, career, and happiness. Moreover, it also takes a toll on the mental as well as physical well-being of an individual, making him or her thwarted and incapable of taking up highly creative jobs.
  • Wanting to consume alcohol over and again or incessantly is a trait to watch out for in an alcoholic.

Further, a more in-depth study would reveal that an alcoholic could very well be classified into three types depending on the volume and frequency of the individual’s intake. This can be anywhere between mild, moderate, and severe.