How to Make Your Artificial grass Smell Like "Real Grass"

If you want your artificial grass to smell like the real thing, add some artificial grass cleaner to it and brush it. These grass cleaners often contain the chemical compound cis-3-Hexenal. This mixture is a colorless liquid that has an intense smell of freshly cut grass. Mixed with other ingredients and bingo, you can deliver the smell of freshly cut grass. For example, we do not recommend using these products to cover the smell of a pet dog, as we have found that this leads to the smell of dog grass. It is best used as a perfume; You wouldn't put on perfume or aftershave without washing first!

How to remove snow and ice from an artificial grass lawn

There are certain steps we recommend you take to care for your artificial turf during the winter months when the weather is very cold or snowy.

To get rid of snow from your lawn, I recommend using a plastic snow shovel to remove most of the snow and then using a stiff broom to get rid of the rest. It is not recommended to use salt as it will leave grit on the grass and can cause discoloration or potential drainage problems where the grit blocks the flow of water.

There is no harm in leaving snow on the grass. The snow can work for you and give your grass a good clean. Just remember to use a plastic leaf rake or electric brush to pick up the fibers once the snow melts. Unlike real lawns, which will look muddy, gray, and awful after snow, your artificial lawn will look great again.

Melting snow will enhance the quality of your earthworks. Quality earthworks, such as the ones we install, will handle the snow melt and the water will run smoothly through the grass and earthworks. Poorly installed foundations and need I say more.

Artificial grass will not freeze

artificial grass is a very durable product and even when temperatures drop to -10°C or below, it will not freeze or become brittle. Water could be present on the grass fibers and it can then freeze. Like any other icy surface, this will be sloppy, so we advise you to be careful when walking on the grass at such times.

If you don't want snow piling up on your grass, you have a few options. The first option is to cover your lawn with a plastic tarp before the snow starts. Once it stops snowing, you can remove the plastic wrap, and voila, a beautiful green lawn waits.

If you are a Premiership footballer and have a generous budget, another option would be to install an artificial turf heating system. This would increase the temperature of the grass to prevent snow from accumulating in the first place. Many football clubs use this to be able to play all year round.