Inflatable vs. Hard Paddle Board – Which is Best?

Inflatable SUPs are considered the best, especially from Honu, if you want to enjoy leisure paddling all year round. It is better than a hard paddleboard because of ample reasons and benefits such as being lightweight, preventing injury or accidents, durability, versatility, and portability. However, certain attributes of a hard paddleboard are worthy of consideration if you want a paddleboard for racing or SUP surfing.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards have now become the new normal and trendy over the years among SUP boards. Following are the guidelines that help you decide whether you should go for a hardboard or an inflatable SUP.


Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are known to be more durable and rigid compared to epoxy SUPs. Military-grade materials are used to make quality inflatable paddleboard that is not subjected to the hard board's vulnerability, such as holes and dings that need expensive repair and maintenance. Therefore, inflatable paddleboards overrun the hard paddleboards on river waters with greater rock impact risks. This is why rental agencies and SUP schools opt mainly for inflatable fleets to reduce chances of board damage from careless manhandling of renters and students.

Low risk of injury

An inflatable paddle board is easy on the rider’s body. You have no risk of getting hurt if you fall on Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. In contrast, a hardboard can hurt you badly if you happen to fall on them.

Low fatigue

When you stand on an inflatable SUP, you feel like standing on a rubber mat that is mostly used in commercial places and help to reduce fatigue. You’ll feel less contact pressure, and this will make your feet more comfortable and relaxed.

Less weight

Inflatable boards are lightweight, and thus low effort is needed to get them to the water. 


Lots of space is needed for storing hard boards, whereas an inflatable SUP paddle can be rolled up easily and stored in a bag that can be later placed in your car’s trunk. They can be stored on a shelf without needing much space. It can be put in a small closet even.


The performance of Honu Paddleboards suits almost all types of settings. It only takes up 20% of volume, making it more stable than a hardboard. It supports mode passenger weight and riders. They are used in most of the competition by SUP racers. You can paddle it on small waves, whitewater, and flat water. Get to know more about sup accessories online from