Protecting Private, Confidential And Sensitive, Information From Leakage

The internet has proven itself to be helpful in a lot of ways. People use the internet to connect with their friends and family living far away from them, while others utilize the internet to shop and pay their bills. The power of the internet became even more prevalent when the pandemic started, and people were forced to stay inside their homes. Because of that, offices were mandated to adopt the work-from-home set up to continue their operations.

While the new working model is beneficial to some, it poses a greater risk for the companies. Each business keeps many confidential information that only those working within the company are allowed to access. But since employees have to work remotely, these information may be more susceptible to being exposed to outside parties. And data breach is among the prevalent issues many industries have to deal with even before the pandemic. 

Many companies, even the big ones like JP Morgan Chase, suffered greatly from data breaches and information leakage. While they did not disclose how much they have lost, it is estimated that 83 million households and business accounts were affected by the breach. Home Depot of the United States and Walmart have also fallen victim to information leakage. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat this problem.

Recording every business-related content is a requirement mandated by regulatory bodies to ensure that there will be no information leakage. One example of this is Telegram archiving. By doing this, you can store important conversations, capture activities, and impose a Telegram call recording in corporate-issued and employee BYOD phones. 

Protecting all the confidential information and data within the system should be every business’s priority. This is why it is crucial to develop or adopt a robust system or solution that can help prevent a data breach. And if you want to know more about how you will do this, you can read this infographic brought to you by Telemessage.