Some Common Causes of Bad Breath

We all have met someone in our life, whether at a public place or home, whose breath stinks. And, with the younger generation being more conscious of their image, suffering from bad breath can be a cause of worry for them. Although Michigan does suffer from a shortage of dentists, if you are from Grand Rapids or its surrounding area, Dental practice in Grand Rapids, MI is there to assist you with any dental oral issues that you are facing and guide you on how to keep them at bay. 

Bad breath, in particular, not only indicates the buildup of germs and bacteria in your mouth but also creates nuisances for those who are around you. Some common causes of bad breath are:

  • Poor oral hygiene.

The most obvious one is poor oral hygiene. When you do not clean your teeth properly and do not follow a regular daily routine, it leads to food particles getting stuck between your teeth, which eventually allows bacteria to build up, and they emit an unpleasant odor, which causes bad breath. Thus, you should brush twice a day and floss regularly. If you cannot brush your teeth after every meal, you should drink water as it helps wash away any remaining food particles.

  • Consumption of Alcohol

Another cause can be the consumption of alcoholic drinks. It passes directly into the bloodstream through the small intestine and eventually harms the internal organs, including your esophagus, and causes bad breath as it bypasses the usual digestive process, which means whatever you are ingesting is not digested properly. Moreover, alcohol drinks also cause excessive burping, which leads to acids and chemicals from the inside of your body finding their way to the mouth. Thus, alcoholics are some of the most common people to suffer from the problem of bad breath.

  • Skipping Breakfast

Skipping your breakfast may also cause bad breath. Our mouth produces saliva naturally, which keeps our esophagus, digestive tract, and mouth clean. When you have breakfast in the morning, it regenerates saliva, which ensures the proper functioning of your digestive system. Skipping it puts the entire process to a halt and eventually leads to bad breath and dryness as it introduces certain compounds in your mouth.

Visit a dentist in Grand Rapids.

Bad breath can also be a sign of some underlying oral disease. Thus, it is recommended that you visit a dentist to get your teeth properly examined, as they may suggest effective ways to get rid of bad breath and assist you with other oral health-related issues, as they can turn severe if left untreated.