Tips on How to Make a Custom Calendar

Diary applications are excellent, but nothing comes close to a physical calendar. PowerPoint has many features that promote calendar making. Examples of these features include downloadable templates and the drag and drop component.

Custom calendars are ideal for having a more organized schedule. You can use it to remember things like your family’s special dates. These calendars are decorative and helpful to the user.

Personalization is the primary thing to consider before you make a calendar. This makes sure the calendar is unique to suit all your needs. Below we discuss some tips that will help you make a custom calendar.

  1. Choose a Theme

There are several designs at your disposal when it comes to calendar making. These designs range from classic to colorful. There is a calendar to match your style if you prefer the farmhouse design.

These design layouts will enable you to narrate a story and make the photos look livelier. It is possible to have different backgrounds for every style. This will make the theme more appealing.

  1. Choose the Month and Size

There are two custom sizes found in wall calendars. However, you should go for a desk calendar if you want to make something smaller. On completion, you should decide which month you want your calendar to begin.

This is a great feature because you will not spend too much time if you are not making calendars at the start of a year.

  1. Put Your Photos

It is possible to upload your photos with a click of a button, whether on your laptop or phone.

You can then drag them to the template of your choice after uploading.

  1. Choose a Background

It is advisable to change the background of your calendar if you do not like it. There are many options you can access with a touch of a button.

Every theme has several built-in backgrounds. However, different scenes will give you the best look.

  1. Settle for An Embellishment

All themes have their embellishments, and some include illustrated stickers. These stickers show things like birthdays and other important days.

It is advisable to make the photos more attractive by using flourishes or ribbons.

  1. Customize

The option to add extras pops out when you finish designing the calendar. Remember, you should first add it to the cart to use it. It is advisable to include a stylish sleeve if the calendar is a photo gift.

You can also put a sheet consisting of stickers that will help you keep track of important days.


A calendar is more meaningful when you fine-tune it according to your preferences. Consider how you would create a photobook before you create a custom calendar. It is advisable to choose photos that narrate your story and have a particular theme.

It is now easy to make a custom calendar to make your space more beautiful with the above information. An excellent calendar will also look more appealing to those on your gift list.