What you need to know about Spectrum TV Select

Spectrum network comes under Charter Communication. Charter Communications has been offering home phones, TV, and internet services to most of the customers in over 41 states of the US under the brand name of Spectrum. At this moment, Spectrum has over 28 million customers spread across the entire US.

To make life easy for the consumer, Spectrum has three different network packages. They offer three different tiers of TV plans. The lowest-priced budget-friendly first tier is Spectrum TV Select. This tier offers over 125 channels to its users. The second tier is Spectrum TV Silver. Spectrum TV Silver offers over 175 channels to its users. And finally, we have Spectrum TV Gold. Spectrum TV Gold is the biggest package in the Spectrum TV network. It offers over 200 channels.

The coverage of different sports network also varies from one tier to the other. Spectrum TV Gold has the most sports networks to offer to the user while Spectrum TV Select has the least number.

Let’s have a look at Spectrum TV Select’s silent features

Very budget-friendly. It cost to the consumer is only $44.99 every month.

The subscription method is very easy

They offer a very impressive video quality

There is an option of removing or adding any channel according to your needs

Spectrum network offers excellent customer services

Availability of free HD

Availability of hundreds of titles on demand

The consumers get free access to the Spectrum TV app

Availability of DVR service

The spectrum TV network is amongst the best TV service providers.  They have options in a wide variety of channel brackets which would easily suit everyone’s demands.

Why should you opt for Spectrum TV Select?

There are many reasons to opt for Spectrum TV Select. Here I will discuss why. When you get home after a long day of tirelessly working, you want to spend some time relaxing and chilling out. This is where your TV comes into the picture. You won’t want to switch on your TV and watch a bunch of bogus shows. You want to watch shows which align with your mood and temperament. This is where Spectrum TV select enters the frame of your needs. It might be the basic most package in the list of Spectrum TV tiers but it does not lack channel options. With the availability of over 125 channels, Spectrum TV Select offers you channels relating to sports, documentaries, movies, kids etc. Let’s travel deeper and see whether Spectrum covers channels for every member of the household

For those who love sports

Spectrum TV Select offers ESPN1 and 2, SEC extra, SEC network, motor trend, a CCN, Fox Sports 1 and finally NBC sports network. You can also choose to get regional sports channels on your device. However, the availability of the specific regional sports channel will depend on the location where you live.

For kids

If you are on the lookout for kids and the education channels, Spectrum TV can act as your babysitter. Yes it is not an ideal option to use your TV as your babysitter. But look at it this way, your kid will learn while keeping busy. Spectrum TV select has channels like universal kids, Nickelodeon, science, TLC, cartoon network, animal planet, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo to fulfil all your kid’s needs.

If you are a movie lover

If you love movies, then look no further than Spectrum TV Select. The Spectrum TV Select offers Hallmark movies and mysteries, Lifetime Channel, Hallmark Channel etc.

If you are a news person

If you’re one of those people who like to keep themselves updated with everything that’s going on in the world, Spectrum TV offers you see bees, CNN, Fox News etc.

If you are a history buff

If you are in love with history, you can check out Investigation Discovery, The History Channel and many more in the Spectrum TV Select option.

Bundled packages

Spectrum TV also offers bundled packages. You can choose to not only go for a TV plan but also add internet as well as phone packages to it so that you can get a complete network experience. The Spectrum network uses hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure. This allows them to deliver you an internet speed that is faster than most other networks. They also have the option of switching to cable in case the region where you are living does not support fiber-optic lines.

Advantages of opting for Spectrum TV Select and internet bundles

Download speeds up to 200 MBPS


Stream live TV with Spectrum TV app

Unlimited data available

Free antivirus software

Free internet modem available

Nationwide and long-distance calling is available

If you are looking for an internet and TV package, Spectrum should be your network of choice.